Cocktail Mixing Masterclass

MIX IT IN magaluf!

  • 2000: Your guide meets you at your hotel or a central meeting point.
  • 2030: Arrive at a central cocktail bar and the party begins.
  • 2300: Wow, feeling good after the tasting ? Time for more bars and clubbing? Our guide is there to help you!
  • You will try at least 4 different cocktails.
  • There is also some cava or Spanish champagne to prepare your cocktail taste buds.
  • Optional !: our guide will arrange you into teams and along with the barman, organise the competitive (and educational) aspects of the activity.
  • The actual drinking we leave to you!
  • Our rep will help you out with ideas and transport for how to continue with the big night.
  • Price depends on your group size and the time of year. In general, the larger your group the less you will each pay!
  • Pace yourselves! The measures in Spain (especially the resorts) are notoriously humungous !
  • Ask the barman a few tricky questions  – you might just catch him out !
  • If you’d like to turn the event into a competitive team session (a sort of Dry Martini Duel to the death) – ask our guides.
Magaluf Hen Do

Your Own Magaluf Cocktail Class

Come and shake, mix, crush and stir. Learn the Mediterranean mixology that makes balmy nights on Majorca such a…hic..pleasure. Our expert Magaluf cocktail barman will put you through your paces. He’ll make sure a procession of Majorcan Mojitos, salubrious Sea Breezes,  and mesmerising Margaritas lead you inevitably, and gloriously to an Orgasm. And you can have another one straight after !  It’s all in the careful hands of Magaluf’s top bar bloke.

For those of you who take your tea iced and on a long island, Magaluf is probably about the right destination. You’ll try a variety of cocktails as suggested by our barman, and also have some input regarding the order of events. Also, ask us if you’d like to make the session competitive, a test to see who has really got their mitts round the shaker and knows their Angostura from bitter experience. a wall

It’s a Henday Wallbanger!

By the time you’ve crushed your 14th mint leaf, and squeezed out some more lime, you’ll be well merry, rather nicely cocktailed up, and probably ready for more.  We’ll gladly point you in the right direction…the challenge now will be to remember what you have learnt, and put it into practice …

The barman was aces and bamboozled the hen with bellinis and a chocolate orange martini that stole the show…great sesh! Kajol, 12-hen do in Palma Nova, May 2017

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