Marbella butler in the buff

And Champagne Breakfast

  • 10;30 Knock-knock…who’s there? Ooh, Champagne Breakfast? What a great surprise! Oh my, isn’t he handsome……(and then the real surprise begins ? )
  • 11:30 Strawberries have been served and eaten, champagne has been quaffed and there’s been a few squeals of delight!
  • 11:35 With farewell photos clicked and fond goodbyes made, it’s time for the next activity: Parasailing anyone?
  • Your very own Butler in the Buff to serve you at your accommodation in style with 1 or 2 hours of naked (ok, he might have a bow-tie and apron on) service
  • Half a bottle of Spanish champagne per person
  • Orange juice
  • Platters of salmon with cream cheese on toasted bread
  • Platters of fresh fruit i.e. melon, strawberries, pineapple (depending on availability)
  • Platters of breadsticks wrapped in Spanish ham
  • Platters of toast with paté, jam, cheese and butter
  • Have your cameras at the ready, as this is going to be a good time to take some incriminating photos and videos to share for later! This is the perfect activity to surprise your Hen!
  • What happens in Marbella stays in Marbella!
  • Don’t even bother to get out of your pyjamas for this one – the butler won’t be wearing much of anything!
“Well, the Hen certainly was surprised and entertained! Having our very own butler service with his cute little behind around was very fun. He was actually a very sweet fellow! He had us in stitches and he had some cheeky moves too.” – Beth, organiser of an 8 person Hen-do, Nottingham, 2015
Marbella Hen Weekend

Marbella Butler in the Buff and Champagne Breakfast

It’s the morning after a big night in Marbella, and you are all in need of a little pampering. It’s time to spring the ultimate surprise on your Hen. Knock-knock! Who’s there? Champagne Breakfast served in your room by your very own Butler in the Buff! 

You don’t even need to get out of your PJ’s while our man presents a truly delectable breakfast of champagne, smoked salmon, strawberries and other yummy treats – all while he wears next to nothingfor your pleasure! Ah, some mornings in Spain are more special than others. This Champagne Breakfast ensures you start your day right. Nothing is as good as fresh fruit in the morning!

Service with a smile

Truly it’s time for your Hens to get together for a giggle, loads of bubbly champagne and a muscled Spanish hunk to pour for you! Oh there will be some cheeky photo opportunities to be had – your newsfeed will never be the same again. Choose the option of one or two hours with our naughty Butler – twice the champagne and twice the saucy fun! 

Our Champagne Breakfast with Butler in the Buff is one of our most popular events – the look on the Hen’s face makes it all worthwhile. The only trouble is you might get used to such lush treatment! After your Champagne Breakfast you’ll all be raring to go, so arrange a luxurious Boat Cruise on the Med for the perfect day in the south of Spain. Make your visit to Marbella spectacular!

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