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The route used for any beer bike or sangria bike activity in Barcelona is not within the control of The Spain Event. Routes available are strictly controlled by Barcelona City Council, Department of Tourism and the police depending on traffic conditions, public events or festivals. At the date of writing, the activity usually runs as follows:
  • your meeting point for the activity (which will appear clearly indicated on the itinerary we will send to you before the activity) is at at a central point in Barcelona.
  • this is not where the beer bike activity itself starts (for the reasons stated above). It is where you will be picked up for a minivan transfer to the activity start point.
  • You will begin on the beer/sangria bike when you arrive at that destination.
  • Areas of the activity are usually on the outskirts of Barcelona, often in conserved natural areas such as “Rio Llobregat”.
The activity is lots of fun for groups of friends, ideal for a stag or hen do where drinking takes place in the outdoors on the bike. It is not a sightseeing activity. Any images or texts on our web site which suggest that the route used will include “tourist sightseeing”/ monuments”/”The sights of barcelona” etc may pertain to other routes used in the past, no longer available, and may still be published on our site, with no intention to mislead customers.
  • Choose from several different starting times between 10 am to 10 pm.
  • Usually midday or afternoon times work best.
  • You can hire the beer bike for 1 hour, 1,5 hours or 2 hours
  • You'll meet at a central point (usually near Las Ramblas) and be transferred to the beer bike Barcelona start point.
  • 1 litre of beer or sangria per person!
  • The beer bike just for you and your mates!
  • Sound system, so you can play your own music – and maybe a few cheesy tunes to embarrass the stag or hen!
  • You provide the pedal power and our driver guides you around
  • Please note routes are not always "tourist" or "sightseeing" routes
  • Beer bike Barcelona is available for group sizes up to 18 – and we can even squeeze more people on if necessary.
  • Remember it’s hot in Barcelona, especially in the summer months. The beer will keep you cool and refreshed but you may want to bring along some sunnies, sun cream and a hat (otherwise you might look like a bit of a wally) –not always  you can of course dress the stag or hen up to look like a complete plonker.
  • Price depends on your group size and the time of year. The larger your group, the less you pay.
‘So much fun! We were all knackered from laughing and cycling by the end of it! Great way to spend an hour and our driver was a laugh to! Cheers’ Matthew Peters, Surrey Stag do
Barcelona Stag Do

The beer bike Barcelona stags love best

You’ll meet at a central point (usually near Las Ramblas) and be transferred to the beer bike Barcelona start point. The ultimate beer tour in Barcelona is back! Do Barcelona while drinking copious amounts of beer or sangria…

Our Beer Bike in Barcelona is an amber-nectar-dispensing vehicle seating up to 18 people, (even if your group are—eh a bunch of massive arses…) each on their own comfortable bike seat.  And we can even squeeze a few more on if necessary sometimes.

You’ll have the beer bike Barcelona bar to lean on/prop yourself up with, while you sip your refreshing beers (or sangria) have a sing-song or just listen to some great tunes on the beer bike’s sound system. And then all you have to do is watch the world go by on one of our Barcelona beer bike routes.

Routes for the Barcelona beer bike!

Routes are not generally in central Barcelona (would you want your crew on the busy main streets in the centre ?!?) – so will normally be at these areas :

  • Forum area at Barcelona Beach
  • Riverside area of Llobregat River

Beer bike Barcelona is a great activity to get you out and about in the sunshine with your hen or stag crew or even for a giggle with your workmates.  Enjoy some much needed hair of the dog! It’s fun, relaxing and absolutely fantastic value for money.

**Note routes may change at certain times of year for this activity which does nor always take place in central Barcelona or cover sightseeing/tourist routes***

All on board!

Each beer bike comes with a very handy roof, shading you from the hot sun and helping to keep your beers cool and minimise the sweat! Your ”driver” will steer you. Wave at the people on the street as you whizz or roll by (depending on your fitness levels) and take it all in – fresh air, views, sounds, smells and beer or sangria! Find out more about Barcelona Stag Do activities

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