Benidorm Bubble Football

fun filled activity

  • 13:30 – Our guide meets you at your accommodation and accompanies you on public transport to the venue
  • 13:45 – Get zorbed up and begin playing games
  • 15:00 – Games end.
  • 15:30 – You are back at your hotel
  • Times are flexible, so let us know if you need different timings
  • Public transport to the venue
  • 1 hour of bubble football and games
  • Zorbs
  • Pitch hire
  • Sports equipment (bibs and knee pads)
  • Monitors
  • Music
  • Changing rooms and showers
“12 Football fanatics, all regular players decided to take our love of the sport to another dimension. When I read about Bubble Football I didn’t realise it could be such a good crack! With the adrenalin pumping and the silky skills at the ever ready we were in for a real shock! Never laughed so much and would definitely do it again” Carl, Manchester (UK) – June 2016 Stag in Benidorm (12 Lads)
Benidorm Stag Do

Benidorm Bubble Football – play full of hot air

Benidorm Bubble Football with a twist! Whether you have the dazzling skills of Lionel Messi or the electrifying pace of Cristiano Ronaldo,  bubble footie recognises neither! In the beautiful Benidorm surroundings The Spain Event bring you this action packed, totally hilarious, fun filled activity that is designed to leave your group in stitches (Not literally!).

Zorb or Bubble Football has all the makings for your Stag, Hen or Corporate groups to have an abundance of fun with. Traditionally football has that winning ethos, in the world of Zorb Football no one really cares about the score! It’s all about laughing till you can’t laugh no more and creating a sizzling soccer memory in the beauty of Benidorm.

The varied formats of Benidorm bubble football: the games we play

The beauty of Bubble Football is it has an abundance of games that can be played and enjoyed. Traditionally a favourite amongst groups is the Free For All game. This involves standing in a circle without a ball and as soon as the whistle is blown you try and knock everyone off their feet…a great way for stag groups to bond, aggravate each other and settle old scores. Either way it wakes up a few people up from the night before and most importantly end up in a fit of laughs. Our guide will run through other gaming options but, if you have any favourites in mind then please let us know. More activities in Benidorm

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