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  • The crowd and staff at Spanish clubs are generally laid back, friendly and up for a big night out. But do play by the local rules and don’t fall foul of the bouncers!
  • Don’t peak too early! Spanish clubbing is a late late pursuit. In most cases clubs do not get lively till 2-3 a.m. or even later in summer. For Spaniards a night out is just that, all night out!
  • Don’t expect normal bar prices. In general drink prices at the bar in Spanish clubs are 2-3 times the price in bars. Locals spend more time dancing than drinking so often just order one for the whole night !
  • Do book VIP passes as over the piece, the drink prices are less than just buying at the bar (and you will have reserved seating and will look very cool !)
  • Do wear the right stuff: avoid trainers and designer t-shirts just in case. Don’t wear fancy dress, sandals, flip-flops etc.
  • Don’t show up legless at the door (you will not get in – neither may the rest of your mates)
  • Don’t make aggressive or “clever ” remarks to bouncers (you will not get in)
  • Don’t expect staff to have a sophisticated command of English (most do not)
  • For most of our club bookings, we issue you with a voucher with details of your booking. The purpose of this voucher is informative, containing information on location, procedure at door, times and so on. It is a written guarantee that a booking has been made on your behalf with the club by us. Vouchers do not constitute tickets for the venue and will not be taken as such by door staff.
  • Normal rules of admission will apply at clubs. Holding one of our vouchers does not change this. In cases of groups who hold our voucher not being admitted for reasons of behaviour, dress, punctuality or other reasons, we are not obliged to return advance amounts paid.
- Usually we can offer straightforward queue jump entry (often as part of a guided bar tour) or VIP area bookings where bottles have to be reserved. - Send us an email or use our booking form/quote request. Let us know the nightclub experience you are looking for! - One of our consultants, living in your location, will respond with ideas for nightclub admission.
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They can do it all night…can you?

For your dyed-in-the-wool street-smart Madrileño, partying all night (yes, all night) in Madrid nightclubs is much like having a pint in your local. Clubs in Madrid manage to be vibrant but also relaxed. Organise VIP clubbing, or with queue-jump for your group with The Spain Event.

Neither as expensive or snobbish as Barcelona, the club scene in Madrid is tireless. Madrid boasts some of the most emblematic clubs in all of Spain, names such as Joy Eslava, Kapital Sala Sol and Pacha. These nightclubs were home to a scene that burgeoned with the ravenous hedonism of La Movida Madrileña Madrid’s post-dictatorship eighties cultural revolution. These clubs retain their bohemian essence to this day.

The first step in putting your stamina for nocturnal pleasures to the test is to make sure you get in to the top clubs. Then just have a good dinner and go for it! To enjoy Madrid nightlife to the full, book club passes and VIP entrance to the best clubs.

Which Madrid nightclubs to choose?

Check out our list of recommended establishments, and ask us about night club tickets, passes and door lists:

  • Joy Eslava: one of the capital’s big three and the most central at Sol/Opera. Listed in most tourist guides, this stunning former theatre attracts a cosmopolitan crowd of all ages. You are going to end up here during your trip to Madrid, so you might as well do it in style.
  • Shoko Madrid: Currently happening and popular with a mixed crown of local funksters and clued-in out-of-towners.
  • Kapital: Madrid’s giant with seven floors and as many types of music. A young and gorgeous Spanish crowd, and catering for all tastes. It even has a karaoke bar!
  • Pacha: Ibiza’s spirit and hits in the Spanish capital.
  • Ocho y Medio: one of the locals favourite, Ocho y Medio is particularly relaxed and diverse, playing great music from the eighties (and other decades). “Todos somos iguales“, they told us.
  • El Sol: very famous for its concerts, it changes into a nightclub around 1am. Its crowd tends to look cool rather than scruffy but it keeps its laid back charm. For this and other Madrid top clubs, click here.

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