Malaga Stag Do Ideas

Pablo Picasso's party port


  • get on well with people (ok we mean women...) of all cultures and nationalities - or aspire to...
  • love little fried fish (note: heads definitely still on!)
  • fancy a stag with an authentic Spanish twist and some local culture
  • are an energetic bunch (there are so many things to do in Malaga!)
  • you enjoy the city buzz and beach time
  • want “Britain with sunshine”
  • insist on chips and HP sauce on all food
  • prefer a compact destination
  • aren’t a city type
  • are the retiring type

  • Don’t leave your itinerary as bare and embarrassed as a naked stag tied to a Spanish lamp-post.
  • There is a huge range of things to do in Malaga, so check out our dedicated activities page and devise a killer itinerary for your group.
  • They say that the first words that Steve McMannaman learned when he signed for Real Madrid were “cúbreme” (cover me), as Michel Salgado bombed past him down the wing.
  • Well, in Malaga the first words that you are going to learn are chupito, cubata and “no puedo más! (shot, long drink and “I can’t take any more!”). It’s wild out there, so hold onto your sombreros.
WHERE - Costa del Sol (Airport: Malaga)

WHY - The Malagueño love of life

Our Malaga stag do | keep pace with the locals

Ok, time to stop messing about. If you’re going all the way to Spain for a Malaga stag do, then you might as well go in all guns blazing. Dubbed the capital of the Costa del Sol, Malaga is proper Spain. Where the golden sand of the Malagueta beach contrasts with the bloodstained sand of the Maestranza Bullring. Where the beautiful, dark-eyed Malagueña girls demand real men to grab their…attention.

Where cuba libres are mixed with more rum than coke. Where the nightclub crowd heads home at sunrise and is rested and supping shandy in a beach-bar by mid-morning. If you can manage to keep pace with the locals, Malaga guarantees a legendary Spanish stag weekend.

 Do you have the cojones?!

The home town of Pablo Picasso (oh, and Antonio Banderas) has been around for the best part of three millennia.  Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Moors and Christians, have all conquered and ruled here, so your bunch of weekend marauders shouldn’t raise too many eyebrows. The history of Malaga is a hefty tome but you might just write a page or two with your own mythical stag adventures. By day, consider Malaga your playground of pleasure.

Here in the big city, the menus come in Spanish first and English second, so get that Castilian lisp revved up and get stuck into some of the most delicious Mediterranean grub you’re ever likely to try. Needless to say that with so much sun, the locals are experts on serving up an ice-cool beer (or six), and the old town’s ancient taverns and terraces will ensure that you never go thirsty.

How much can you fit in?

The beach is buzzing (and there’s more sexy local skin on show than Northern European Pirelli bellies). Here, you won’t have to worry about choosing between beach relaxation and city excitement, because in Malaga you’ve got both!

Then there’s the question on every stag organiser’s lips- what to do on a Malaga stag do? Well, really the question is, how much can you fit in?!  Jet skiing, parapenting, gorge walking, La Liga football, go-karting, deep-sea fishing, paintball, golf, mountain biking…the list goes on and on. And the great thing is, it’s all nearby!  Finally of course, there’s the Malaga outrageous nightlife (trust us, you won’t be disappointed!)

 It’s time to turn all the dials up to eleven and set the controls for the centre of the (Costa del) Sol. Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of Andalusia’s second city.

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Malaga Stag Do Ideas

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