Porto Bubble Football

Forget Mou's tactics

  • 13:30 Take transport to the pitch, (info on our voucher). Or, we can lay on a guide and private transport if you wish.
  • 13:45 Arrive at the park, get your bubble and get in it! Start playing!
  • 15:00 Games end.
  • 15:30 You’re back at your accommodation, superbock or caipirinha in hand.
  • English speaking monitor who will arrange the games
  • 1 hr with a variety of team games.
  • Bubbles (zorbs) and equipment
  • Optional: Private transport to the venue with guide
  • Note you can book a bubble extravaganza for more than one hour if you wish, and if you’ve got the stamina of course.
  • Various type of event as well as football can be organised.
  • There are various venues for this activity  – all near the centre of Porto.
  • Beware playing this activity in the heat of summer at midday – you’ll cook inside your bubble!
Porto Stag Do

FC Porto bubble football champions

Porto bubble football takes place in a central Porto park that is easy to get to. The bubbles are not so easy to get out of. Or to stand up in ! Your buffoon-like attempts to play silky skilful soccer will be upended quicktime, as you end up rolling around, emulating a roly-poly Scottish defence trying to stay in a World Cup qualifier. Not pretty, but full of laughs, and there’s bound to a be a few beers on hand.

Our Porto bubble football event will see you and your mates in giant, inflatable bubbles, split into teams and kicking off in style. We’ll lay on private transfers of required but you’ll fin it easy to make your own way to the pitch using our voucher.  You will meet one of the Porto bubble football monitors who will introduce you to your zorb. Next step, you have to get in it! Cue a series games to play where contact with the ball is secondary, but not irrelevant, as you spend most of the time rolling around on the floor!

Like many football pundits, ultimately you’re full of hot air.

Forget the silky skills you might see on see on display at FC Porto’s fantastic Dragao Stadium.  You can run around and into your mates as much as you want, you’ll just bounce off!  Watch the whole group roll around and then try to get back up again whilst someone desperately tries in vain to keep score. Messi skills?  This is not football as you know it. And well, l

A selection of games you’ll try

  • Everyone is bubbled up, standing in a circle. The whistle goes and you’re off. You have to try to knock everyone else off their feet.  The last person standing is the winner.
  • Pick your leader (surely the stag, or the person who was latest coughing up the money for the weekend…) they take the ball inside their bubble and try to make it to the finishing line. The rest of you have to knock him or her over before they make it.
  • A ring. 2 players. 2 bubbles.  Push the other player out of the ring.
  • How about bowling? With people? In giant bubbles? The person who knocks over the most bubble people wins!

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