The Cliffs of the Algarve

No need to throw yourself over!

Like Dover, Albufeira is famous for its cliffs. But do not let the fact that long-term resident Cliff Richard is one of them put a downer on your trip. We all have our cross to bear. By the way, if you don’t know the name, ask your auntie and uncle.

Algarve? Even though Cliff likes it, it is still good.

In fact, in the words of the man himself, we reckon it might just “take you high”. Cliff is a major wine entrepreneur in the region and some of the vineyards the “wired for sound” deity owns can be visited. In fact you’ll see cardboard Cliffs outside tourist “ticket shops” cluttering the pavements of otherwise pleasant towns like Albufeira (a whole new meaning to the outdoor enthusiasts’ term “cliff jumping”)

Remember: you’re all going on a summer holiday

The Algarve must be the top destination for cheap beer, great nightlife, and low-cost beach accommodation. Whether or not you are “all going on a summer holiday”… a rich assortment of Algarvian land and water sports, beer seafood and clubbing will provide your weekend stag do or hen weekend with party spirits, titillation and total elation. We won’t let Cliff ruin it for you…

We promise this will not happen

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