All bookings made through The Spain Event follow the following procedures and are subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

“The Spain Event” or www.thespainevent.com is operated by First Big Weekend SL a Spanish travel agency with head office in Valencia. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “We”, “our” and “us” refers to the independent travel consultant, a member of The Spain Event, who is carrying out your booking. “Event” refers to any fully paid activity you participate in or book, or any accommodation or transport you use that is organised by us. “Suppliers” or “providers” refers to the contractor used to fulfill the services and activities forming part of the agreed booking; such as a bus company, an activity company, a hotel or a restaurant. “You”, “group” or “client” means the person making the booking and each and every member of the group on whose behalf that person has booked with us. It is assumed that you are the lead contact for your group and that all correspondence or conversations will take place between you and us. You must be aware that on returning our booking form you are signing on behalf of every member of the group. If the booking form is signed on behalf of a limited company, ”you” means that company.

These conditions shall form the basis of the agreement with us, and shall apply to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions, whether put forward by you, your group or a third-party. No alteration to these conditions shall be effective unless expressly agreed to in writing by us. These terms and conditions cover the following areas:

A. Health and Insurance

We do not arrange any type of insurance for our clients unless stated otherwise in a booking form. Just like any other holiday abroad, there are factors to consider such as losing valuables like purses, cameras or mobiles, theft, injuries, or possibly even hospital stays. Along with events and activities that by nature involve a degree of risk would mean that we seriously advise you taking out travel insurance. We will assume that you have purchased your own travel insurance and that you have checked the suitability of your policy whilst taking into account any events or activities you will be participating in.

We also recommend that all UK citizens travelling abroad get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC – formerly the E111 form) The EHIC entitles you to a reduced-cost, sometimes free, medical treatment that may become necessary whilst you’re in Spain. You can apply for the EHIC online, by phone or by post. More information can be found on the official UK Department of Health web site click here.

B. Booking Procedure

(i). Upon request we will supply the client with details and prices for the events requested. Once you are happy with the proposed details, we will send you a booking form incorporating these details and prices.

(ii). The client must return the booking form and pay a deposit to confirm their commitment to pay for the intended events as detailed in the booking form.

(iii). The binding agreement is made when we have received a completed booking form. The booking form must be returned via email within 72 hours of it being sent.

(iv). The client must check carefully to ensure that booking form matches what was booked.

(v) The client accepts that e-mail is a satisfactory communication and commitment to process confirmation of the booking.

(vi) Once you have made a booking, we will contact the suppliers and pass on the details to obtain confirmation that they are able to fulfil your booking. In the event that they are unable to fulfil your booking, we will notify you and suggest an alternative supplier that can provide a similar event.  At all times, we will endeavor to contact you within 48 hours of you making your booking.

C. Pricing

(i) The price of your event is as detailed in the booking form. We reserve the right to change the price on any previous email correspondence sent at anytime prior to the issuing of the booking form

(ii). All monies referred to are clearly in Euros or British pounds sterling.

(iii) Holiday insurance is not included in the price of the booking.

(iv). Suppliers of the events and activities made in the booking may require the client or members of the group to leave a credit card imprint on checking in, or alternatively to provide a breakage/damage/security/behaviour deposit. These amounts are refunded locally if there is no damage, breakage or misbehaviour or justifiable reason to retain deposit. If applicable, we will inform you of any returnable deposits required prior to sending you a booking form.

(v) VAT and other taxes applicable to your destination. Our prices may be quoted inclusive or exclusive of local taxes such as VAT. The tax rate to be included in your package will be that in force at the time of arrival (not at the time of booking). If local tax rates change during your booking period(that is in the time between booking and arriving in your location), we reserve the right to increase the price of your package by the corresponding amount, as dictated by these local tax rate changes.

(vii). Unless otherwise stated the payment does not include the cost of drinks, food, admission, transfers, parking charges, porter charges, fees, tips,contributions and/or any other items that are not referred to on the booking form.

D. Payment

(i). The price of the booking and the basis on which it is calculated is contained in the booking form.

(ii). The client accepts responsibility for paying for all members of the group

(iii). The deposit (which is non transferable) as detailed in the booking form is payable on booking, the remaining payment to be made 28 days prior to the commencement of the booking or by such date as is specified in the booking form.

(iv). In the case of bookings made less than 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the booking the full amount is payable upon booking unless otherwise stated on the booking form.

(v). Failure to make payment on the due dates will entitle us to cancel the contract without penalty and to treat such failure as a cancellation by the client in which case cancellation charges will apply from the date the payment became due.

(vi). We reserve the right not to provide the booking or any part thereof until we have received sufficient funds from the client for the supplier to deliver the event.

(vii). Payments for all bookings should be made in advance by credit card or bank transfer. Exceptionally arrangements may be made for clients to pay in cash when they arrive in their location. In these cases the final amount to be settled will be the amount agreed in advance, no alteration of the agreement and/or amount to be paid is possible at the time of payment. If the client fails to make the payment agreed in full in cash at the time agreed, or if the client does not arrive in time to make the payment and continue with the activity (“no show”) cancellation fees of 100% will apply. In these cases, it will be understood that the client has authorised use of any credit card details previously supplied (to pay a deposit for example) in order to make full payment.

E. Alterations or Cancellations made by us or the supplier

(i). The booking is based on current schedules and event details, so consequently these may require minor changes. Wherever possible we will notify the client of any such changes before commencement of the booking. A minor change will be deemed to be any change which, taking into account the information given by the client to us at the time of booking, we nor the supplier could not reasonably expect to have a significant effect on the confirmed booking. In the event of minor changes no compensation is payable. Such changes do not entitle the client to cancel the booking or request an alternative booking.

(ii). In the event that there are significant changes to, or cancellation of the booking, prior to the commencement date of the booking, we will as soon as is reasonably practical notify the client. In these circumstances the client may accept the change and a refund of the difference in price between the price of the booking purchased and that of the substitute booking. The Client will also be entitled to a full refund In the case where the changed booking is superior to the one booked. In the case where the changed booking is superior to the one booked, the client may cancel the booking and receive a full refund and our apologies.

(iii) Significant changes to the booking will include the following: a change of accommodation to that of a much lower standard of accommodation for the whole or a part of the booking; the cancellation of an event forming part of the booking; a change to the price contained in the booking form.

(iv). In the event of changes to the booking after it has been agreed, we will provide the client with an alternative of the same or higher standard in the same or a similar area.

(v). In the event of loss or damage suffered by the group or changes to or cancellation of the whole or part of the booking due to reasons of unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our or the suppliers’ control compensation will NOT be payable. By way of example, because of safety risks, adverse weather conditions, war, riots, civil strife or terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, flood, shortage of water,epidemics, health scares, technical problems with transport or equipment, airport closures, and similar events beyond our control.

(vi). No compensation is payable if the booking is cancelled in whole or part due to an insufficient number of people required to make available the activity or event forming part of the booking.

(vii). Cancellation or changes may be made when safety conditions are, according to The Spain Event’s or its suppliers’ discretion, compromised. If cancellations occur in such circumstances We or our suppliers will make every effort to reschedule in line with client requirements, provided the client is not at fault.

(viii) When bad weather affects an activity the cancellation of the activity will be entirely at the discretion of the supplier who will consider the suitability of conditions for safety and comfort.

– Refunds will only be given when a supplier makes the decision to cancel for safety reasons. If a group does not participate in an activity which is deemed to be safe to take part in under the given conditions,  no refund will be payable.

– If an activity is cancelled or discontinued due to force majeure circumstances, or circumstances that are not foreseeable to us, and if a customer has incurred additional transport costs not included in our package, in order to be present at the starting point, no compensation will  be paid for these additional transport costs.

(ix) In case where local tax rates change during the booking period, you may be liable to pay more for the package. Please Section C (v).

(x) Specifically in the case of accommodation bookings (hotels and apartments), due to changing conditions and agreements held with suppliers, it is sometimes necessary for us to make changes to bookings after the booking is made. If changes are made we will always advise the client as soon as possible.If the alternative accommodation supplied is of lower standard (for example a switch from a 4 star to 3 star hotel) we will make a suitable adjustment in the package price via a refund. In cases where an enforced change in accommodation is to a higher standard or category, no refund will be made.

F. Alterations or Cancellations made by the client

(i). If the client wishes to cancel or make any alteration to the booking, the client must notify us in writing by email as soon as is reasonablypractical.

(ii). If the client wants to amend the booking or the numbers or members of the group after the booking form has been issued then there is no administration fee but you will incur any charges or costs imposed by the suppliers. In the event of certain major changes to the booking or the numbers of the group or the dates of the planned booking, this request may be treated as a cancellation of the initial booking and the booking of a new booking. In such cases cancellation charges may be incurred. We will advise the client if this is the case upon receiving request from the client to make amendments.

(iii). If the client arrives at any part of the booking with an increased number of guests, the new guests will not be covered by us and may not be able to join the activity or event. Unless otherwise agreed in writing they will also be charged at full premium rates directly.

(iv). You may cancel within 7 days of us receiving your deposit if the booking has been made with more than 40 days in advance. In this case, we will return your deposit within 30 days of receiving your cancellation. However, we will not return deposits paid within 28 days of your arrival date.

(v). Depending on the date of cancellation, you must pay the following cancellation charge:

– More than 4 weeks before the event is scheduled to take place: the full deposit amount (usually 20% of the total package price or sometimes a fixed amount like €35 per person).

– Between 4 and 1 week(s) before the event is scheduled to take place: 50% of the total package price.

– Less than 1 week before the event is scheduled to take place: 100% of the total package price.

(vi) “No Show”: If you or your group does not arrive in time for a stated activity, this will be deemed a “no show” with 100% cancellation fee.

Package Cost

(vi). If you wish to cancel on behalf of only some members of the group then the cancellation charges outlined above will apply pro rata but we may become entitled to cancel the event, and the group discounts may no longer apply. This may necessitate a further payment by you to pay the difference between the previous discounted price and the revised price.

G. Our Responsibilities

(i). We will use all reasonable care in the selection and use of suppliers of events and activities forming part of the agreed booking. To the best of our ability, we will ensure the suppliers provide a suitable, professional, legal and safe environment for the client.

(ii) Our responsibility is to ensure the elements that make up the event you have booked with us are booked with the suppliers and available to you. We arrange contracts for accommodation and other arrangements and events through suppliers who we have taken reasonable care to make sure have good reputations and run safe and efficient businesses. We will monitor and control the performance of our suppliers and judge their performance against the standards and customs in the region where these services are provided.

(iii) We will not be liable to compensate you for any damage or loss of enjoyment in respect of your event if failure of enjoyment was your fault or could not have been foreseen or the result of someone unconnected with your event. We cannot accept liability for any change, loss or expense which results from information not given prior to confirmation of the booking.

(iv) Photographs shown on our website or in marketing materials give examples of suppliers, places, buildings, hotels, restaurants, vessels, and vehicles which may be used in an activity or services provided by us. We reserve the right to use a variety of suppliers for activities and cannot show all of these on our website. The final supplier, place, building, hotel, restaurant,vessel, or vehicle may differ from the one shown in photographs for a given activity.

(v) The Spain Event does not accept liability in the following circumstances:

– If you or any member of your party is at fault. This includes but is not limited to; intoxication through drink or drugs, discourtesy, abusive,threatening or aggressive behaviour or failure to abide by on site rules, health and safety.

– If the failure is the fault of someone else not connected with providing the services which make up the holiday which we have confirmed to you.

– Any unusual or unexpected circumstances beyond our control, which we could not have avoided even if we had used all care possible.

– Any event which we or the supplier of any service could not help, expect, or prevent.

(vi). Any transport, activities, accommodation and other events are carried out subject to the supplier’s conditions of carriage, supply or contract, which will be notified to the client if they differ significantly from standard industry practice or upon the client’s request. If any supplier can exclude or limit liability under any international convention or foreign law we will rely on that exclusion or limitation.

(vii) In cases of hotel or apartment bookings, each supplier’s terms and conditions shall apply regarding check in and check out times. In line with normal industry practices and depending on hotel occupation, check in and check out times may vary. Especially in the case of apartment bookings, check-in may not be possible until after the time of arrival at a location. In these cases we will do our best to ensure our clients are provided a space to store luggage until full check-in later. Standard check-in times for apartment bookings in Spain and Portugal is 1600. Standard check out time is 1030. If clients wish to check in or out at different times, we will do our best to organise this on their behalf with the supplier but we do not make guarantees about this.

(viii) Where any cause of loss, damage or injury is due to The Spain Event suppliers, subcontractors, servants and/or agents, our acceptance of liability is subject to assignment to it of the claimant’s rights against the former and to the claimants co-operating with The Spain Event in any legal action it may take to enforce any right of subrogation or by way of any third-party proceedings.

(ix) We will offer such help as is reasonable in the circumstances to the group if any member suffers difficulties whilst participating in the booking.

H. The Client Responsibilities

(i). To ensure that all members of the Group are informed about the booking details and these terms and conditions.

(ii). To take full responsibility for client side administration and be responsible for the accuracy of information supplied, both prior to the booking and up until after the event has elapsed.

(iii). The client must inform The Spain Event in writing of any special requests (for example, special facilities for disabled people, dietary requirements, allergies, medical conditions) which it or any of the Group have so that The Spain Event. is able to make arrangements, as far as reasonably possible, to cater for them.

(iv). Some of the activities provided by The Spain Event. as part of booking require an element of physical activity on the part of the Group. The client will ensure that all members of the Group are physically able to take part in the booking, suffer no disabilities or conditions that may impair, restrict or endanger their involvement or that of other members of the Group’s involvement in the booking If the client has any doubts or concerns regarding any member of the Group’s participation in the booking these issues must be raised in writing at the time of booking, (for example asthma, high blood pressure,heart conditions, vertigo).

(v).We insist that you arrange holiday insurance for all of your party when you attend an event. We think this is very important. We are entitled to assume that either you have arranged your own cover or you are prepared to take the risk of being uninsured. Insurance cover will be subject to the policy conditions and any exemptions or excesses mentioned in your policy. It is therefore the responsibility of the client to ensure that adequate holiday insurance cover is provided for the Group.

(vi). To agree and progress with all payment timetables as set out above and on the booking form.

(vii). To ensure that all members of the Group comply with all activity/element timetables of the booking. Failure to keep to the timetables may result in either discontinuation of the event/activity or cancellation of the booking in either event. We will not be liable for any refund, compensation or anyother costs that may be incurred.

(viii).Any disability requiring special attention should be reported to The Spain Event at the time reservation is made. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate special needs, but are not responsible for any denial of services by hotels and/or other independent suppliers. We regret that we are not able to provide individual assistance to travellers for walking, dining, getting on or off coaches and/or other forms of transportation included in packages. A qualified companion must accompany travellers requiring such assistance.

(iv). To ensure that all members of the Group act at all times in a safe, responsible and courteous manner, comply with all safety procedures (for the avoidance of doubt this includes an appropriate level of sobriety), listen and be present at all safety and information briefings relevant to the booking’s activities, make supervisors or any person in authority immediately aware of any equipment or site deficiencies or concerns, dress and/or equip themselves suitably for any event or activity as advised by The Spain Event and / or its suppliers (failing which as is deemed appropriate or suitable in the circumstances), and observe and obey all laws, requests (including the signing of any disclaimer) and conditions of use of any supplier, including accommodation, activity centres and entertainment venues.

I. Behaviour

The Spain Event by itself or its suppliers may end or cancel the booking, with no liability of reimbursement, if the behaviour of the Group or that of any person associated with the Group is likely in the opinion of us or its supplier’s to cause distress, damage, danger to or to annoy other customers, or other members of the Group, employees, property or anyone else.  This includes asking our guides, monitors or drivers to intermediate on behalf of groups to obtain illegal services or products, or to break local laws in any way.

If the party is found to be behaving in a way that results in affecting the standard performance of our suppliers and enjoyment by other guests, groups may be required to leave the premises – if this is the case groups will immediately forfeit all costs and any right to compensation, whether or not the booking has been completed, and be liable for any compensation sought by our suppliers.

If group’s behave in such a way that results in the supplier’s relationship with us being terminated, clients will be pursued for compensation by The Spain Event. If the Group is prevented from travelling because any person in authority thinks any member of the Group appears to be unfit to travel or likely to cause discomfort to or disturb other passengers, We will not be liable to complete the booking arrangements, and will not be liable for any refund,compensation or any other costs incurred by the Group.

We cannot accept liability for the behaviour of others in your accommodation and/or taking part in any activity and/or event, associated and or in the same environment forming part of the booking, or if any facilities or events are removed as a result of their action. In some instances groups may be required to sign agreement forms and or provide a damage and or behaviour deposit. If any occurrence of damage is obvious, groups will be pursued for recovery for the full amount of damage reimbursement, associated costs and any expenses incurred, including time and administration, in pursuing this recovery.

J. Complaints

(i) If there are any complaints about the booking these must be communicated immediately to us or the suppliers who will try to resolve the problem to avoid it spoiling the booking. Any failure to report such complaints immediately will be deemed to be a failure on the part of the Group to mitigate its losses and we will not consider ourselves  liable for those complaints.

(ii) If we or our suppliers are unable to sort out the problem then a written report must be submitted, specifying any perceived failure at the place where the booking is supplied.

(iii) If the matter is still not resolved after completion of the booking then the client must write to us within 14 days of completion of the booking giving full details.

(iv) We will do our best to repond to a written complaint with a resolution within 30 days. In exceptional cases where we have not received a response from a supplier, for example, it may take longer than this, and you will be notified about the extra time necessary.

K. Agreement

These terms and conditions are in place to ensure the smooth running and enjoyment of your weekend. We think that the above terms and conditions are fair.The terms and conditions are governed by Spanish Law. The Courts of Spain shall have exclusive jurisdiction in connection with any dispute arising out of any booking made with The Spain Event. For help with you bookings, please contact us on: info@thespainevent.com

www.thespainevent.com is owned and operated by First Big Weekend SL, a Spanish limited company.

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