Algarve Daytime Action

There is so much to do in resorts like Albufeira. With its marvellous climate, miles and miles of unspoilt shore and hectares of open country , the Algarve offers an ocean of adventure to sailors, quad bikers, adrenalin-seekers, dolphin fanciers, buggy enthusiasts…and shoppers. Check out what to do in the Algarve by day. Just click on the photos below…

What are the best things to do in Albufeira ?

Even the pirates are more than entertained and find things to do in Albufeira. For sun, shore, and the great outdoors, the Algarve provides a bewildering range of jolly activities. Golf, surfing, sailing, fishing, wind and hill activities as well as adrenalin classics like karting, quads and paintball. Make a splash at the water park, or check out the dolphins and sharks. There are even somedogs that fish for a living, and a couple of breweries if those long, light days are driving too much of a wedge between your drinking sessions…

What our guides say about Algarve daytime activities – straight from the donkey’s mouth

I love the Algarve because you can do anything here. You have an  opportunity to try something new without breaking the bank. Surfing, jet skiing, shark fishing, buggy driving, quads are all within range of even the tight budgets!

Rui Alves, The Spain Event guide, Albufeira. Originally from Lisbon, living in Vilamoura since 2008.

Try an Algarve hen weekend or stag do

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