Francesinha Porto’s toastie on steroids

Neglecting your food as you focus on the liquids on your stag in Porto ? We reckon that the Portuenses have come up with just about the classic stag do meal. Francesinha actually means “little frenchie”, supposedly an import from the French “croque monsieur” that many emigrée Portuguese were eating in France during the dark years of the Salazar dictatorship in Portugal.

The Francesinha is a great big slab of cholesterol and starch

But we love it (in small doses of course)! Basically a type of schnitzel/sandwich hybrid that covers all bases and fills the emptiest, most hungover gut. This miraculous bumper dish somehow includes a steak, pork, smoked sausage that somehow with pork, smoked sausage, bacon, and is topped with a fried egg and cheese. A delicious custardy-yellow sauce runs all over (and may be a nod to the French and therefore saucy origins of this dish). Oh, and lot of chips.

This “little” treat won’t set you back much more than a fiver either. Washed down with a Super-Bock or 3 this is serious stag energy nutrition. Polishing off one of these France-Portugal hybrid banquets-on-a-plate is a test for any hungry stag (or hen). But we reckon you can do it.

Where to sample this Portuguese toastie on steroids

If you’re planning a few serious hangovers in Porto (and, well, you should be unless you’re in denial) tr some of the authentic charm of places like A Cantarinha Café (Largo da Maternidade 75) or for late night eats Bufete Fase (Rua Santa Caterina 1147) for a serous gut bust!

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