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As a company that aims to be fair, friendly and reasonable The Spain Event takes your feedback very seriously. We are proud of our customers’ ratings – overall a very positive approval of our activities.Probably the part of our business we spend most time on is checking and double-checking booking details and arrangements in an attempt to make sure nothing goes wrong in any way once you arrive in your destination.

Of course the travel business (and especially the niche that is group travel including stag and hen trips) has many moving parts and sometimes the best laid plans go awry…

Customer service and feedback

It would be silly for a company that deals with 1000’s of groups per year to claim a 100% record. People are involved, people who have differing opinions and interpretations. Even with the best will in the world and the most diligent attempts to avoid those beforehand, occasionally things do not match expectations,

We are a mature company that has been round the block. We know no one gets everything right ALL the time. When customers have comments to make, or need to express dissatisfaction or disappointment with anything we have done, we have learned to appreciate the input and to learn from it.

For this reason we will always give your feedback a fair listening We will consider your opinion and do our best to find out what went wrong, and of course if we dropped you in it, we will consider suitable and fair compensation.

If you need to make a complaint or wish to give us feedback after you return from your trip

Send an email to Our Customer Service team will respond. If we cannot give an immediate answer, we will give an estimate of the time it will take us to respond in full. Sometimes it takes a few days to speak to the people who were involved in your activity. We will get to the bottom of it, and we will give you a fair response.

Important to use our hotline for any queries

Note that we always provide an emergency telephone number that you can call during your time in your destination. If you find that you need to query the arrangements or running of an activity as it happens, we expect this number to be used (whether or not The Spain Event guide or rep is present with you on the activity).  In the unusual event of something not going according to plan, if you do not contact us on this hotline number, but wait to give feedback until day or two later, it may not be possible to make refunds

We believe strongly in the freedom of customers to make their feelings known on social media. As a fair, friendly and reasonable company, however, we do take a dim view of customers using the threat of using social media to “blackmail” us into giving refunds, a phenomenon which has been widely reported recently.

In these cases we too will call upon the social power of networks to give our side of the story but in order to preempt and contest any such practices, we will take all legal measures necessary to pursue those who make knowingly defamatory comments in the public domain.

You can read more about treatment of complaints and feedback on this page: Terms and conditions.

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