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Madrid Bars and Nightlife

The strange thing about Madrid’s nightlife is that, as eagerly attested by our team of tired-but-happy guides (party animals to a girl or boy), all clichés are true!  It does go on all night, there are human traffic jams on Gran Via at 4 a.m., nobody does go out till 1 a.m., the clubs do not get going till 3.30 a.m., there is no point in expecting to get to bed before 9 a.m… It is undoubtedly the enviable energy of the party-mad Madrileños and Madrileñas that brings about this rather happy, and unique state of affairs. Our advice is just to relax, reset your body clock, and enjoy it!

A typical night in Madrid

The classic Noche Madrileña begins about ten with dinner or a tapas bar crawl around the streets near Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, or Plaza Santa Ana. Madrid has a bewildering range of Spanish and international eating places, and most tourists agree that Madrid prices are very reasonable. The drinking scene begins in earnest after dinner in the cocktails bars, pubs and flamenco clubs clustered thick around hubs like Calle Huertas and Calle Espoz y Mina (again very near Puerta del Sol). The gay/mixed scene of Chueca is another favourite, as is the bohemian La latina area.

To swim in a human tide of young barcrawlers and cheap booze prices, head for the grid of streets called Malasaña – home of Madrid’s 80’s culture renaissance, and still a friendly and laid-back drinking area. Dotted around the whole city centre you’ll find cafes, cocktail bars, Spanish and Irish bars. Don’t even think about a club until 3 a.m, and relish the fact that the folks back home have already been kicked out and helped to bed long before you walk in the door of your chosen Madrid night scene.

Hear what our customers say about Madrid nightlife

We were in a few tapas bars in the area called La Latina, it was already about 2 am but we were just sort of engulfed by this mass of people out in the streets, just milling around. I was a bit worried at first but it was all so matey and cheery, like a spontaneous street party,  they were all friendly, really amazing…Stan, Middlesborough, organising a stag do in October 2012 took him to Madrid’s amazing night life

Gran Via – the great street for Madrid nightlife

You’ll eventually cross the inevitable Madrid nightlife artery that is Gran Via, with its perpetual New Year’s Eve, making it The Spain Event’s favourite street of all time anywhere in the world. Madrid has a lively club scene for all types of music and in particular nights and DJ’s depend on the dates, but perennial favourites are Sala Sol, Pacha, Joy, and Low Club. Those who do not wish to party till 9 a.m. will find a range of equally suitable bar-club hybrids that close “early” about 3 a.m.

Nightlife happens very late in this all-night city, so pace yourself!  Waiting till late to go out does not mean you are missing anything, quite the reverse, it means you’ll peak at the right time, not too early. The top areas for going out are near Puerta del Sol, Plaza Santa Ana, and the La Latina area.  Ask us about tapas tours and bar crawls.

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