Madrid Stag Match

Thinking about a Madrid stag match, I thought I would take some time out of my busy beer drinking in the sun schedule here in this beautiful capital city of Madrid to tell you gorgeous lot about this gorgeous place… Well to start off there are the two equally important factors involved in why this is such a great place, that I have just mentioned. Beer. Sunshine. The perfect combination. Madrid has hot, dry summers and loads of clear blue sky days so sitting back in the sun with an ice cold Mahou or San Miguel are a must and lets face it not a must that is too taxing or even the slightest bit annoying.

One of the many things that the Madrid lot do very well with their beer, now for some of you this may sound strange (eating is cheating may be a phrase you’ve come across or indeed used on several occassions), is food. Tapas goes perfectly with ice cold beer. Bocadillos de calamares (squid baguettes) are awesome, patatas bravas (spicy potatoes) will kick the butt of any pesky hang over and a plate of ham and cheeses you can either hog or share with your drinking buddies will all help to line the stomach for a day/night of drinking. Yep, it can be a hard life in Madrid.

If your Spanish is not up to scratch or you want a rest from sorting out all your mates, and trying to get them in line, then I recommend a guide. We had a really nice guide called Maria who took us on an excellent tapas/booze crawl which was well worth the very reasonable price.

Madrid stag match: Party All Night

Right, next up. The daytimes in Madrid are great. There’s always something going on. You can cruise around on a beer bike, highly recommended – you get Madrid sights with beer! Whoever came up with that idea needs a medal. Hang out in one of the many cool, beautiful parks dotted around the city, which is incidentally where a lot of the cool, beautiful Madrid women hang out. But this part of this I’m sure you’ll admit riveting little blog, is all about the nightlife. Madrid knows how to party. All night long. Everything starts late, mostly cause its so damn hot, people eat late and party until late, well early really.

Bars are the first stop and there are loads of trendy ones. I love all the bars in the old town, La Latina, which like most cities nowadays, is becoming the area to be seen in. It has a real young, vibrant, arty feel to it, juxtaposed against some gorgeous old architectural buildings and monuments. You can just feel the party vibe in the air. Plaza Santa Ana or Plaza de Chueca, the Malasaña area, Calle del Pez are all great areas to check out. And Avenida de Brasil near the Bernabeu stadium. Ah, yes the Madrid stadium, that leads me nicely onto my next point.

Things to do in Madrid: Football Fetish

Football. The Madrid stag match par excellence.  You may have heard of the Madrid footy team before. They’re not bad. And their stadium isn’t too shabby either. It has to be seen, walked around and for the lucky ones sat in, stood up in, shouted and cheered in. The atmosphere in and around it is amazing.

Looking for For Real Madrid or Atletico football tickets.  Click here.

If you’re up for just match with your own team, or to play against a local team form Madrid ask us.

Things to do in Madrid: Bonkers Bull Running

Another activity that is loads of fun and bonkers in a way that only Spain can achieve is the bull running. Now I don’t condone the real thing but baby bull running is different. They were not hurt in any way (the bulls not my mates) and having seen my mates run away from them at every opportunity, sometimes before the babies had even moved themselves, they (again the bulls not my mates) were definitely in charge (no pun intended). It is one of the funniest things I’ve ever done and the photos are priceless.

I hope my foray into a Madrid stag match has given you a bit of an insight into how amazing this happening, bustling, crazy, beautiful capital city is. There are so many great people to meet and so much to do, see, eat, watch and drink here that I always hate leaving and love coming back.

Claire Wilson

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