El Classico: it’s them again!

Are you looking to obtain tickets for El Classico in Madrid this year (23rd December at 1300 to be precise  . it was moved!) Whether or not you spell it right (it’s actually “El Clasico”) is not really the question. The problem is – how and where can I get tickets to Real Madrid Barcelona?

This year should be extra piquante with the constitutional crisis of Catalan independence shaking all of Spain, and the Madridista headcases predictable option for the radically anti-Catalan line. (But stay away from that section behind the goals with the ultras and you’ll be fine.)

This blog takes a look at the hype around this match, this prime example of (foot)-bullshit, and what you can do about it. Before we go on, just to be sure, you can book tickets here.

How to see El Classico, 23rd December 2017

Best way is to know someone (intimately if possible) who is a socio or season-ticket holder. That way you can get one of those golden (if plastic) passes or abonos, or carnets . This will really help you get into the match by the way. Your friendly local “Madrid brother or sister” might even be good enough to accompany you (using their grandfather’s one).

But if you’re not the sibling/boyfriend/girlfriend/cousin/patron/esteemed-business-associate of someone who’s family have been fully-paid-up Madridista season ticket holders for a good couple of decades or more (otherwise they’d still be one the waiting list), mnn, not so easy to go that route. Paper tickets are also an option – just not much of a one, as there are hardly any printed, and they are really only obtainable if you have a Real Madrid member’s card and pin number.

Check out Real Madrid fixtures for 2017-18 here.

Buy Tickets for Barcelona Real Madrid with The Spain Event

The other way to get a seat for El Classico is just to face reality and pay a bit. It’s not as if it will set you back that much, and well, it is one to tell your grandchildren about. In fact spending five hundred plus on Clasico tickets looks like a bargain when you compare it with similar VIP experiences that get you seated next to the luminaries, a-listers and non-doms and their pricily-adorned love partners. We are thinking Ibiza clubbing tickets or a bottle of Grey Goose at Kapital nightclub

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