Lisbon Hens Love Life

Lisbon is one of the coolest cities I’ve been to. Lisbon hens are the best way to organise a seriously cool pre-nuptial weekend.  Picture this if you will, beautiful cobbled streets, stunning buildings, flats with red and orange terra-cotta tiled roofs, flowers hanging from every balcony, purple trees, glorious tiled walls, towering monuments and castles, hidden side streets with bars and shops and an old, red tram softly rumbling by all under blue skies and bright sunshine. Sounds pretty nice right? It really, really is a stunningly beautiful city.

So what is there to do for Lisbon hens? First of all there’s the river. It is, surprise, surprise, beautiful. You can take trips along it in a private yacht, which is something myself and my friends did last time we were there. I definitely recommend this. We had a great captain and boat. We sat back, sunning it up with cold wine in our hands. Defo something I could get used to…

Lisbon Hens after Dark

The nightlife in Lisbon is up there with some of the best. They love their really cool, trendy bars and because it’s a relatively new happening place to go prices are still really cheap. The old red light district is brilliant. It used to be quite frankly, a bit of a dive, but it’s had some money and some serious style injected into it and now its the place to be seen, drink and hang out in. The bars in barrio Alto are also super cool with people spilling out onto the streets, drinking, dancing and chatting. I love going out, out here. But be warned and take note, I didn’t and was punished for it!  Don’t wear heels.

The cobbled streets make it almost impossible to walk in them, and make you look even more inebriated than you actually are. Plus there are enough hills in Lisbon to encourage trainers. Trendy, stylish trainers of course, but definitely trainers. The clubs are a slightly different story. People make more of an effort here, than say somewhere like Spain. Which is yet another reason why I love Lisbon. The big clubs are a good excuse to get all dressed up with plenty of places to go. And no need to worry about those pesky cobbled streets at this stage because cabs are super cheap.

Beach Lisbon

Another great thing about Lisbon hens is that it has beaches. A capital city with beaches, well that makes me a happy bunny. You can shop, eat great food, drink cheap cocktail and sunbath on a really nice, picturesque beach. Perfect. Hanging out on a beach with some girlfriends, getting a tan and checking out the view (insert double entendre here) is one of the best past times any one could do in my view.

If you go to Lisbon, and why wouldn’t you?! You must have a least, and I would recommend as many as possible, one caipirinha cocktail. Politely nicked from Brazil this famous Lisbon alcoholic treat goes with everything. It’s the perfect drink to cool down with, start your night with, or drink simply because you are awake. Delicious.

One of the only negatives I would say about Lisbon is that with all the little side streets and tall, gorgeous buildings, hills and winding roads it can get a bit confusing. Admittedly I don’t have the best sense of direction but I still think a guide of some sort is a good idea. My friends and I did the beer bike (with sangria) which was loads of fun and gave us a pretty good idea of where things are, whilst drinking. You can’t argue with that.

Another must I 100% recommend is the going to one of the miradouro viewpoints. They will take your breath away. And they have cafes a few steps away so you don’t even have to take a break from your liquid refreshments, unless you want/need to of course. Those Lisbonites really have thought of everything.

Sunshine, great food, tasty cocktails, beautiful beaches, amazing bars, buzzing nightlife,  all packaged up in a cheap, stylish, gorgeous, riverside city weekend parcel just for you. You’re going to love, love, love Lisbon.

Claire, The Spain Event

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