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Nightlife in Albufeira is lively, late and jaunty, with bar, club and eating options focussed around the Albufeira strip. Book an Algarve night-time activity.  Browse our options, using the menu above or photos below.  Contact us on or use our contact form  to the right of this page.  We will contact you immediately!

Where to go – nightlife in Albufeira

Wanna try the bucking bronco ? Or are you more the brucking bonko type ?  Either way, you are sure to enjoy the ride on Albufeira’s mad nightlife. Algarve nightlife happens very late and many clubs do not open their doors until 2 or 3 am. Relax, adjust your body clock and go with the flow !

Let us show you the way to the best bars and clubs and all of the main attractions of the nightlife in Albufeira. The famous Kiss Club, the bars of the strip, the mad drinking scene at the Old Town, lap bars, night clubbing, karaoke and the Vilamoura casino. It’s all here in Albufeira night life and our guides on the groundknow what is happening !

Albufeira Strip Bars and Clubs – dusk to dawn

Full of bars and clubs, all roads lead to the strip after dark in Albufeira. Things happen late so you are more likely  to enjoy  a famous Algarve sunrise than sunset.  In the Albufeira strip area (near the beaches at Oura and Santa Eulalia) you’ll find the best bars in Algarve…we recommend: Matt’s Bar, Lipstick, The Blue Bar, Seitima Onda, Wild & Company

For clubbing, all roads lead to the famous Kiss (the biggest, craziest and most boisterous), Capitulo, Castelo do Mar, Libretos or Le Club

Best bars in Albufeira Old Town

A scenic and atmospheric area, we recommend a stroll at night along the cliffs area (don’t worry, there’s a wall). This part of Albufeira is great for eating in a traditional Portuguese restaurant (try the cataplana  – a stew in a  unique pan, and get away from ubiquitous spicy chicken offering Frango piri-piri!).  We recommend: Lipstick, Rock Cafe, Sir Harry’s, Steps, JC, Havana and Picadilly’s.

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