Songs for stags

Music plays an important part in everyone’s life, whether it be by taking you down memory lane, or reminding you a someone special, maybe it motivates you to do exercise, we all have that song that gets us going. Music is also important as it brings people together, with songs that everyone knows, or the right genre at the right time (imagine someone putting Celine Dion at a techno festival in holland… it wouldn’t work). And Songs for stags have the power to make us happy, sad, melancholic, angry, motivated etc…

Music and Drinking – the rhythm of life….

Drinking also has this effect on us, luckily as a stag or hen, you will have the chance to have both. Music and drinks will be present at every bar and club you end up going to and everybody loves a drinking game, so why not combine both?  For example, listen to Psy- Gangnam style, and take a drink every time you hear the word yoja. Another effective one is any Kanye West song, you will have to drink every time he forces a word to rhyme with another, even though they don’t, or drink when he rhymes a word with the exact same word. You will be drunk by the end of the song.

But sometimes you just need funny or fun songs that everyone can sing along too, especially when you are having a party with mates. Who doesn’t enjoy a sing a long? This list will set out to help you find that perfect song for your perfect stag/hen party. So here are some top songs for stag parties.

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TOP 5 Songs for Stags:

In da Club – 50 Cent

If you have been around since 2003, then you have probably heard this song about a thousand times. And is doesn’t matter if it’s your birthday or not, this song can’t not be played. Put your hands up and pretend to be gangsta for 2:30mins, nobody can resist.

Dancing in the Moonlight- Toploader

This song never gets old, and everyone knows the lyrics. It’s upbeat and it gets everybody in a good mood! Films like Four Lions have made it even more unforgettable. You’ll get it almost every night.

Don’t look back in anger- Oasis – songs for stags

This is a fitting song as you start a new phase in your life. We all know the lyrics, and who cannot listen to it without singing the last verse in unity?

Uptown Funk- Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson

If you haven’t seen the effect this song has on people in a club, or bar, then you don’t go out much. Yes, this one may have been overplayed in 2014-15, but you know that you can’t resist singing along and dancing like they do in the video clip. It’s a great song to get the party started, or during the peak of the night.


Born Slippy- Underworld

This one is an absolute classic. Whether you discovered it while watching trainspotting, or in a club back in the nineties, everyone loves the synth at the beginning. Sure, some may think that when the techno kicks in, it might be a bit hardcore, but by the end of the night, you will only want to dance anyway, so finish it off with Underworld.


Stags and hens are times of fun and being silly, all under the influence of cocktails and shots, so in the end, it doesn’t really matter which song you choose, as long as it’s not country. So use this list, or create your own, and just have a great time with you friends and family, and that one guy or girl that no one really knows, but is related to the groom or bride.

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