Our Top 5 Stag Pranks

We’ve seen all sorts of ingenuity going in to the noble art of singling one man out and making him look like a total plonker.  The extreme embarrassment of your stag through targeted stag pranks can bring on riotous moments of laughter and expose the flashman-style cruel streak not only in the best man (and father in law?) but in all of your group.  Stag pranks come in all  shapes and sizes, involve varying degrees of malevolence and can often involve carefully sourced professional services and….eh… the British Consulate.

Some stag joke ideas … and some candid feedback!

This article takes no moral position, it is both a word of warning as well as recommendation. We polled some of our guides around our office to find out what they thought based on almost 20 years of experience guiding stag groups around Spain.

Below is what they compiled as their top 5 five stag pranks.  We have also added some comments made by the poor unsuspecting stags in the heat of the moment (names have been changed … for obvious reasons):

Mud wrestling (in chocolate or oil)

“It was a frankly awful predicament” –John, from Walsall. 

This can cause extreme hilarity with the watching group and may in fact be not too unpleasant for the victim. It may be most excruciating for the father-in-law (because he doesn’t get to go…?). This consists of what appears to be a paddling pool full of goo (chocolate ? oil ?) in which, two rather scantily clad young ladies (usually) begin a wrestling match which tends to end with the poor stag in the middle in a sorts of fleshy, gooey and very naked sandwich. Definitely embarrassing, but not too harrowing !

Dwarfs in Spain

“I wouldn’t ever want to go through that again…” –Simon, from London

No, we don’t mean the FC Barcelona midfield and attack.  This stag prank rates low on the morally acceptable league table, but that may not a principal consideration for the stag do you are planning.  A diminutive but willing friend is found, and his or her presence is felt (for much longer than the stag may appreciate). This can range from handcuffing the little chap to the stag for a few hours, to finding a lady dwarf who will do a little striptease for your boy. Lovely. And terribly embarrassing.

False drugs bust

“The entire edifice I had constructed, my  future married life, appeared to be crumbling in front of my eyes…” –Clive, Leeds.

It’s not normally good to have  a brush with the local carabinieri (or Policia Local in Spain), so if you admire the long arm of the law, you may look at hiring a stunt policeman. This stag joke involves having a (fake) badge-carrying local copper (probably undercover) apprehend the dear stag, and give him a fairly embarrassing frisking (strip-searching can be arranged). If you can keep a straight face (and especially if you have planted some dodgy substances on the stag) this can be highly effective, and rates high on the harrowing count.

The Ugly Stripper

“My life was hell for 17 minutes” – Ravi from Yorkshire

The stag may suspect that a strip show will be laid on for him to enjoy at some stag of the weekend. So imagine his surprise, and disappointment, when the performer turns out to be obese, hirsute or…a just a bloke in drag.  This stag prank will indeed provide surprise, and some duress to your victim, and hopefully not a taste of what is to come in married life.

The hard as nails football fan

“I was at ground zero…” –Stewart from Reading

Some stags have been known to show up wearing Barcelona shirts at Real Madrid matches…and vice versa. Definitely not recommended!

Tips on booking stag pranks in Spain

In general we recommend you remember you are abroad and certain stunts could lead to misunderstanding, and may be best carried out in relatively private circumstances (like the backroom of a bar ?)  Most of all make sure no one tweets the photos (deleting from the phones before returning home is probably  a good idea!).  If you’d like more information or guidance on this dubious subject, get in touch.

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