Madrid Treasure Hunt

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  • There’s nothing typical about of a Madrid Treasure Hunt.  We arrange the schedule around your group.  Usually the Hunt takes between 2 to 5 hours, depending on what you’re interested in. The Treasure Hunt is a mix of exploring, puzzle-solving  and of course, eating and drinking! Elementary, my dear Watson!
  • Guides – to help you navigate and give hints (ok, ok, if you’re desperate they’ll give you more than a hint)!
  • One information pack per team containing a map, digital camera and a list of questions and challenges to complete!
  • Monitors to keep an eye out for cheating…..and to help
  • Prizes for the winners – who will be the Sherlock Holmes of the group?
  • Everyone will have something to bring to their team – the astute map readers, the keen-eyed artistic types, the language buffs and the extroverts! Do it for the glory!
  • Make sure you’re ready for some snaps and videos, there are going to be some great ones to share!
  • As always, what happens in Madrid stays in Madrid!
“Our group wanted something out-of-the-ordinary to see Madrid, something to break up the partying we’d been doing every night – the treasure hunt was great fun and had the more competitive of us hyped up for the win! We got to see loads of Madrid that we would’ve never seen otherwise. A great activity, thanks!” – Colin, organiser of an 8 man stag-do, Bristol 2015
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Hunt for the Treasures of Madrid! Go!

Explore the magnificent capital like conquistadors Make your trip to Madrid out of the ordinary for your group with this highly entertaining afternoon of competitive Treasure Hunting. Our Madrid Treasure Hunt is one of the top 10 things to do in Madrid, combining puzzle-solving and clue-following with interesting challenges that take you around to see the best of the city. Armed with a digital camera we provide and a puzzle-pack, unlock the clues and discover the spectacular monuments and hidden gems….all while competing with your friends to see who will have the last laugh.

Blaze a trail! Cut through the heart of the city with your team and investigate the wonders of Madrid. We’ve got map-reading and artistic challenges to get everyone involved. Ever ordered a boccadillo.  We provide a bit of spending cash to help in obtaining rare gastronomic gems, learn about the culture of Spain….and eat and drink yummy treats. Tuck in for a few hours with your mates and join up for a Madrid Treasure Hunt.  We’ll even have time to have a sneaky sangria in there….you know, to keep focused!

It’s one of the top 10 things to do:  Madrid Treasure Hunt

By Jove, I think you’ve got it. We meet you at one of the main squares with our organisers who brief you on what to do and then your teams roam the city in search of mystery and adventure. You’ll get a unique knowledge of the city as well as lots of mementos to show off afterwards. Did you get to see the massive statue in front of the Royal Palace? You will. Later that night, flushed with success from your Treasure Hunt, get your crew rolling with a Madrid Bar Crawl. Make your trip to Madrid spectacular! Find out more about Madrid Stag Do activities

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