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Chocolate or oil ?

Mud wrestling in Madrid takes you to just about the limit of goo. If what you are aiming for is to really stitch up the stag,  you’ll really want to look at dropping him in this one.  Can you see the poor chap being beefed around in a paddling pool full of chocolate or oil by a couple of fit, naked strippers as he flops and flounders around, literally UNABLE TO GET A GRIP ?

Welcome to mud wrestling Madrid Mud the way it should always have been. Forget the Marquis of Queensberry rules, even Mick McManus or El Rey Misterioso  would  no doubt be counted out on a submission.  For both spectators and participants with a sweet tooth,  try our Chocolate Mud wrestling in Madrid.

Whether you like Cadbury’s or Nestlé, this human brownie is just for your group. Or if you are a slithery  goo freak (and we have certainly met a few) order the baby lotion version,  that will get you slipping and you’ll never get a grip.

Embarrassing ? You bet !

This one ranks amongst the great Stag pranks and the startlingly bad predicaments. If you have really got it in for him though, you may also want to consider something equally horrendous involving dwarves, fake drug busts, ladies of the night (real or staged. and some of them not really ladies…) and the like.

Just let us know the type of stag prank you are looking for and we’ll make a suggestions. Our travel advisors have been around the block (most working as guide on stag and hen do’s) so don’t be shy!

Who can do mud wrestling in Madrid ? Stags or hens !

This is a participant activity for hens and a spectator activity for stags: the two do not coincide in the same event (unless by common consent !)

Stags: this one for all red-blooded chocolate lovers. Watch our dancers wrestle in the chocolate mud, in front of your eyes. This is one calorie-packed brownie  that you’ll want to try for dessert. A Madrid activity where you won’t feel the need to stop for a Mars Bar.

Hens: this is one dancing activity you may not have tried! Learn the arts of mud wrestling, but in chocolate! It’s sweet and gooey, but an unforgettable chocolate experience. Try our Mud Wrestling Class ! Find out more about Madrid Stag Do activities

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