Valencia Airport Transfers

Don't waste time on arrival!

  • We know our destinations like the back of our hands and provide a genuine arrival service, not just bookings and hotel vouchers.
  • Our staff on the ground will meet you and ease your arrival (and the rest of your stay) with tips, pointers and know-how.
  • We believe that to get the most from a short weekend trip, local knowledge is vital.
  • Beware of agencies that provide a booking but no local service. A hotel voucher is not a substitute for a friendly face.
In fact, over the years, we've compiled a long list of the multiple pitfalls of winging it with cabs or public transport. Here are just a few:
  • The rabble on Arrival. Through customs, the group congregates loosely at the airport exit, near a taxi rank. 40% of the group are not there though, either relieving themselves, getting Euros from a machine to pay for the cab, or at the smoking zone.
  • Getting Organised in Cabs. You more-or-less all get together, and split yourselves into groups of three or four, but it turns out that wasn’t a taxi rank. After a quick row about public transport or the underground (where is the hotel on the map?) you move to the real taxi rank and join the queue – with the other 200 people just off the flight from London...
  • The Joy of Foreign Cabbies. Ok, you have your hotel address written down (do the others have it?). Euros to pay in cash? How’s your Spanish? Some cabbies seem to forget their English when they see a juicy group of clueless tourists…not to mention their Geography and Arithmetic...
  • Arrival. Ok, at least you got there (you think). The others will be along in a minute. Careful not to get your bags snatched on this busy Valencia main street. Pay the driver and I wonder what name the hotel was booked under….?
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Valencia Airport Transfers

Book Valencia Airport Transfers with The Spain Event and arrive safely and quickly in style. You’ll hit the ground running, and save a few quid as well! Having watched thousands of customers come and go at airports around Spain, there’s no doubt in our minds that booking a shuttle to and from the airport is the only way to avoid chaos, keep the group together and avoid wasting time.

Valencia Airport Shuttles with The Spain Event

We will take care of almost everything, making it easy for you to relax and begin to enjoy the trip:

  • Our rep will be there at airport arrivals to greet you, make sure all have arrived with luggage and help those who need cash from banks etc
  • Your own private coach will be parked nearby in a private parking area, with plenty of luggage space, air-conditioning, and plenty of room.
  • We’ll get you straight to your hotel or apartments in safety and comfort with minimal fuss or time wasted.
  • Your rep, an expert on Valencia, will give you tips and pointers on the way in, answer any questions on arrival and help you sort out the check-in if necessary.

Over the years, we’ve compiled a long list of the multiple pitfalls of winging it with cabs or public transport…

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