Hens To Do for Valencia

No shortage of things for hens to do in Valencia. What can I say about this beautiful city? Well I’ve been living here for 5 years and I have absolutely no plans to move back to London, no matter how much I miss Topshop and fruit pastilles! It has a huge beach, great shopping, cool, funky bars, vintage shops, loads of clubs, amazing restaurants, gorgeous sight seeing and really hot, buff Spanish men. Oh and some of the best weather you’ll find in the whole of Spain.

By now you might be starting to understand why I have no plan to move.. but in case you still need convincing let me break it down for you and hopefully convince you lovely ladies to hold your hen do here – I did and everyone loved it!

What’s not to love about this city ?

Malvarrosa Beach

There are a number of beaches but this is the one to go to if you want some action. Not that kind!  With its huge expanse of golden sand all sorts of summer events are held here.

Things for hens to to do in Valencia Beach ? Volleyball competition, football games, picnics etc and if you want to take in some of the er checking-out sights, then in front of Pan’s Company (a sandwich chain) is the place to go. Full of 20-30 somethings who want to listen to tunes, drink ice cold beers and show off their muscles. Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed with the sights!

I should mention/warn you at this point that this is where the famous, well infamous, ‘old man in thong’ likes to send all his time. And you too can take part in the ‘seriously has he got something stuffed in it or is he permanently pleased to see everybody?!’ game.

This is the kind of beach where everybody goes to have a good time with their friends, so if you don’t fancy carrying a cool box with drinks you can always buy some from the white and blue drinks huts near the sea or off one of the ‘beer men’ who walk up and down bringing cold drinks to you!

My list of things for hens to do in Valencia, the trendiest place

Russafa. Plain and simple. Defo here things for hens to do in Valencia. Every day a new vintage shop or seriously cool bar opens up here. The hot, tattooed, stylish Russafa goers sitting out on the terraces on the street drinking and eating help make this area the place to go for those into their retro fashion and funky tunes. It’s nicknamed the ‘mini soho’ and its easy to see why. It’s also jam packed with great restaurants and best of all it is so damn cheap! A copa (vodka coke, gin and tonic etc) will range from 5 – 8 euros and the measurements are like triples!!

Russafa is spread out over 4 main roads and has clubs peppered about along route. Playground is a great ‘pre-club’, called this because its only open until 5am! (the crazy Spaniards do like to party hard) as is Play, Nylon and Picadilly. You could spend all day and night here and still not have had enough time to visit all the really cool spots.

If its good enough for George, it’s good enough for me!

Last time George was in VLC (unfortunately not to visit me) he visited one of my favourite areas. Canovas. Canovas is wall to wall bars and restaurants. This is a top place to book a meal. Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French, its all catered for here and with price ranges to fit everyone’s bill. You can then check out some of the funky bars with DJs and dance floors to shake your stuff in afterwards. I can’t guarantee that George will be there this time, but I’ll see what I can do.

Things to do in Valencia: get your bums on boats and get VIP club entrance.

Umbracle. Set in the stunning buildings of the Arts and Sciences this awesome super club has to be seen to be believed. It’s where all the beautiful people go to get their dance on. See you there!

On of the top things for hens to do in Valencia is a catamaran cruise is how I like to spend my Saturday afternoons (of Friday nights and sometimes Sunday). The good food, DJ and free bar always make it fun and the catamaran is gorgeous, perfect for sunbathing and jumping off of.

So there you have it, some reasons why Valencia is the one. (I could keep writing this blog for hours, there’s that many cool things to do and see in Valencia, but I’m not going to as I have sangria to drink in the sun) So what are you waiting for? Go on. Book your flight. I’ll see you soon on the beach, or in a bar, or in a club or hanging out with George, or chilling on a boat…

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