Here’s Why Valencia for Stags

From London to Valencia. 5 years in and I’m still in love with this amazing city! How come, I hear you ask. For Valencia things to do, well there are tons of restaurants, bars, clubs, beautiful people, passionate footy fans and shed loads to do and see. All at some of the cheapest prices in Spain,

I don’t get how anyone could not fall in love with this place! People are starting to hear about how great VLC is so get in there quick and choose this brilliant destination for your stag do and you will  not be disappointed. My mates and I had an absolute blast and will definitely be returning as many times as we can blag off work. Here’s some of the main reasons you’re gonna love it..

Valencia things to do: stag heaven!

Be a beach bum.

Valencia has some of the warmest climates in Spain and the mildest winters. This means that the huge central beach is always packed and a great place to hang out with friends and have a few ice cold beers. The best spot on the beach, and the best for checking out all the talent, is in front of Pans Company restaurant. This is where all the hotties hang out. The party part of the beach – almost everyone takes food, drinks and music down with them. And don’t forget to look out for the old (singing) man in thong who inexplicably, is always surrounded by hot women!

Further up from this spot, toward the port, you have the area called Las Arenas. Here you can get food and drinks, play pool and hang out listening to some pretty decent tunes. The bars here are busy in the evening in the summer months and a great place for some pre-drinks before clubbing. Speaking of clubbing, Las Animas is one to check out. It’s at the end of the Las Arenas strip. Sometimes the music can be a bit hit and miss but the venue is fantastic! It’s one giant roof top terrace! And it is always busy.

Valencia things to do: Go football mad.

Spain loves its footy. And the Valencian people are no exception. There are loads of busy, bars with great atmospheres to watch the footy (St. Patrick’s is the best for any Premier League game) but even better is to catch a game at the Mestalla stadium. The atmosphere beforehand is always buzzing and the restaurants and bars around it packed out in and on the street.

Valencia things to do: Beer o’clock.

Socialising is one of this city’s most popular past times. In my humble, blog writing opinion the two best areas around are Carmen and Russafa. Both have an almost endless amount of bars, some with dance floors, all with party loving people. They are also great areas to eat in beforehand. If you’re looking for a stag and hen group mecca then Carmen is the one, for a more laid back, cool and trendy vibe, then Russafa hits the nail on the head.

Valencia things to do: To Club or not to Club?

I’m not going to lie. Some of the clubs in Valencia are really cheesy. Luckily for you there a few damn good ones. I’ve already mentioned Las Animas at the beach but for me the best one has to be Umbracle. The venue alone is worth the entrance fee. For your money you get Umbracle and MYA downstairs – which is always rammed. La Premier is also good. Clubs here don’t get busy until after 1am though and people don’t leave until 6, 7 or even 8am, so be prepared for a long night!

Valencia things to do: You’re gonna need a bigger boat.

One of my fav Valencia things to do in the summer is a catamaran cruise. The Saturday lunchtime and sunset ones are great. The food is good, the DJ plays some banging tunes and the free bar is awesome! I did literally miss the boat once for being 5 minutes late, so my advice would be, don’t be late.

Valencia things to do: Butting heads with a (baby) bull. As you do.

The ultimate Spanish experience and one that is guaranteed to have you in stitches – the laughing kind not the hospital one! Basically you get in the ring and the locals let out a baby bull for you to try and avoid. Simple. And very, very funny. It’s nothing like the real thing, which is a very good thing, as the baby bull is not hurt in any way. I can’t guarantee the same for you though! No seriously it’s only a baby. A baby with horns that can knock you off you feet, but still a baby.

So there you have it. Some great Valencia things to do and some of the many reasons Valencia rocks! I’ll see you there. Mines a San Miguel. Cheers. Claire Wilson, The Spain Event

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