Free cava!
Up to 4 cocktails
Interactive Games
Professional Bartender

Valencia Cocktails Experience

Valencia Cocktails NightTaste, mix and drink those lovable cocktails. Try our famous posh drinks workshop, the Valencia Cocktails Experience: a mixing class, a team game and most of all a great night out. What is it about the mix of strong drink, fruit and something sweet splashed over ice? Our unique Valencia Cocktail Experience is a tantalising tribrid of the entertaining, the educational and the downright inebriated! This event is a workshop, a competition and, well, a sesh.

Valencia Cocktails Rock!We’ll split you into teams and see how accurate your cocktail wits and senses are as you taste, guess your way through and learn about a list of delightful and delectable concoctions – all specifically and scientifically designed, prepared and delivered to provide mirth and good times for the big night of your Valencia trip. As this is Spain, many of the cocktails have the latin and tropical touch, and, well, there’s no skimping on the alcohol content. What’s it to be? Agua de Valencia, Margarita, Caipirinha, Bellini, Fellini, Cavallini… maybe you get off on a Sidecar or are a personal friend of Tom (or Ron) Collins… whether you’re into inis or itos, or even if you just enjoy plain old Sox off on the Beach, this is the night event for you. Why does the barman have that smirk on his face?

Valencia Cocktails Experience – typical schedule

  • 18:00: Arrive at a central cocktail bar and the party begins.
  • 20:00: Wow, feeling good after the tasting ? Time for more bars and clubbing? Book one of our guides for a Bar Crawl afterwards!

Valencia Cocktails Experience – price and what is included

  • Valencia cocktail mixerYou will try up to 4 different cocktails.
  • There is also some cava or Spanish champagne to prepare your cocktail taste buds. The barman will organise competitive and educational activities. The actual drinking we leave to you!
  • Price depends on your group size and the time of year. In general, the larger your group the less you will each pay!

Valencia Cocktails Experience – what else do I need to know?

  • Pace yourselves! The measures in Spain are notoriously (and gloriously) larger than in countries like the UK.
  • Ask the barman to include some tailor-made requirements – you might just catch him out!

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