Madrid Skydiving For groups

You'll be arriving in no time

  • 1200: Your guide will collect you at the apartments or hotel. The journey to the airfield takes about 40 minutes.
  • 1300: Your personal expert instructor will brief you and issue the equipment you need.
  • 1400: The ascent in the plane will begin. Enjoy the views of the Madrid region, skydive madrid and see if you can spot the high towers of the city to the North.
  • 1430: You’ll reach 12,500 feet, then jump.
  • 1440: A safe landing and the adrenalin pumping through you, your senses alert…unlikely you’ll ever have felt this good….but you’ll have to try it if you want to see just how good it feels.
  • 1600: Our guide will suggest you begin to journey back, maybe stopping for a well-earned caña on the way….
  • Transport from the door of your accommodation to the skydive madrid airfield.
  • A briefing on what to do and how to approach the jump.
  • All necessary equipment: parachute, overalls, helmet, and goggles.
  • You’ll jump in tandem with a fully qualified instructor who will take full care of you!
  • Videos and photos can be supplied: at an additional cost
  • Go easy on the booze the night before.
  • Given the crucial importance of weather conditions to this activity, your instructors will make any decisions regarding whether the atmospheric conditions could make the activity unsafe. In the event of cancellation of this activity we will make sure you are informed as soon  as possible  with options to reschedule or alternative activities.
  • This is one of the most exhilarating experiences you will have in your life. Be alert with your senses alive enough to take full advantage.

Q1: Do I need to be fit?

A1: Parachuting and skydiving are sports; the same level of fitness is required as for something like skiing. Depending on the time of year and the location your body is exposed to a range of different temperatures at the different altitudes between ground level and the 12,500 feet you’ll jump from. There are very few medical conditions that would prevent you from jumping, but if you’re concerned as your doctor.

Q2: Who are the instructors?

A2: Trained and experienced professional parachutists who take pride and enjoyment in explaining the procedures and helping you experience the thrill of a first jump.

Q3: What if the parachute doesn’t open?

A3: In line with the legislation regarding skydiving and parachuting, all jumpers have two parachutes, the main one and the reserve. In a tandem jump, even if both you and the instructor managed to feint on the way down, your parachute would open automatically at a set altitude. In general parachuting has reached a stage where the equipment is highly reliable, easy to use and resistant. Reserve parachutes are checked frequently by specialists whether they have been used or not.

Q4: What’s it like in freefall?

A4: Just after leaving the plane, you still go at the same speed as it was (130-180 kmph) It take you about 9 or10 seconds to accelerate (down wards) to what is know as terminal velocity. Your instructor will show you how your falling speed can be altered using the position of your body. Expert skydivers can reach 350 kmph on freefall. However for the standard falling position, you’ll go at between 180 y 220 km/h.

Q5: Is it a hard landing?

A5: Modern rectangular parachutes ensure a soft landing, working in the same way as the wings of a plane. They are easy to manoeuvre and your instructor will bring you down to ground with great precision.

Q6: Can I breathe while in free fall? A6: Yes, no problem.

Q7: Is it scary?

A7: Most people experience some anxiety – a very normal reaction. The ascent in the plane is when most people feel most apprehensive, but your instructor will help to put you at ease. Almost everyone says the thrill you experience upon jumping out of the plane makes it all worthwhile!

Q8: What if I have vertigo?

A8: Human beings have an instinctive fear of heights. Many people get vertigo on a balcony 10 meters above the ground, but don’t feel the same way at 4000m. After all, if you’ve flown over to Spain in a plane, you were at 10,000m and you probably didn’t feel anything if you looked out the window! Think of the following: it’s scary to travel in a car at 100 mph heading for a brick wall only 50 yards away. But traveling in the same car, with the brick wall 5 miles away isn’t so scary.

Q9: Do I need special clothing?

A9: We recommend training shoes without lace hooks. We supply overalls, helmets and visors.

Q10: What about weather conditions?

A10: Heavy rain, strong winds or very low cloud may lead your instructors you cancel the jump, in which case your money would be refunded.

Q11: What if I am just too scared ?

A11:  Try a Flamenco Class instead?

Madrid Incentive Travel

The only way is down…

Madrid skydiving provides a memorable experience that your guests will never forget? Falling out of a plane from 12,000 feet…will that do the trick? For adrenalin, there is simply nothing like it, but you are not alone! Our skydiving activity takes place at an airfield some 60 km out of Madrid. There you’ll meet your instructor – one of a team of fully qualified experts.

Our skydiving instructors are active competitors, and professional parachutists, qualified by the Spanish Aerial Federation, and the US Parachuting Association. All instructors have more than 1,000 jumps’ experience behind them, and all of the pilots have flown more than 1,000 hou

Madrid skydiving –  the air’s lovely!

You’ll be issued with all of the necessary equipment for the jump – overalls, a helmet and visor—oh and a parachute!  Actually there are two. One of the reasons this is so safe is that you and your instructor will jump together in tandem, equipped with two parachutes – the normal one that he will open, and a reserve barometric parachute that opens when you reach a certain altitude.

On board the plane, the flight up to 12,500 feet  (crikey…) takes about twenty minutes and that’s when you’ll feel a few butterflies. The instructors will put you at ease however; remember this is like walking the dog for them. When you reach 12,500 feet, it’ll be time to j…j…j…j…jump.

TSE top tip

The instructor will guide you to the door of the plane, and make the jumping out easy (a knee from behind is often persuasive) Adiooooooooosssss!  Now come ten of the most exhilarating minutes you’ve ever experienced. Forget any drug you’ve encountered, this is pure exhilaration.

After a safe landing and with the adrenalin pumping through you, your senses alert…it’s unlikely you’ll ever have felt this good…but you’ll have to try it if you want to see just how good. You’ll probably want a souvenir to show Mum, so we can organise your very own video and/or photos, of the whole dive.

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