Spanish Art Seminars

How much do you know?

  • 1200: Recommended set-off time
  • (total duration 2 3-4 hours)"
  • 1400: having seen the told town and Palacio Real (a must) we have abeer before heading North for the glorious Retiro Park and maybe the Bernabeu Stadium
  • 1530: Back on the coach we’ll leave you at your hotel or let us recommend a nearby watering hole!
  • Your own coach transport.
  • An english speaking guide.
  • Meals and drinks stops can be arranged.
  • The tour is flexible so ask our guide in advance about any special stops
  • We can adapt to include stops like a tour of the Real Madrid stadium.
  • Or check out the world class museum like the Prado.
  • Or the amazing Retiro park.
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Spanish Art Seminars: Did you know…?

… the last Princess of the Alhambra was Queen of England?
… a painting by Pablo Picasso transcended its historical moment
becoming an anti-war icon?
… a Queen of Castile resorted to a funeral procession in order to
keep the founder of the Tudor dynasty waiting?
… a Queen of England and Spain, although married to Philip II,
never set foot in Spain?
… the most famous picture at the Prado Museum transformed
the art of painting forever?

Learn, taste experience enjoy our Spanish art seminars and get to grips with these and other fascinating questions.

Elephant & Castle

Before leaving for England to marry the Prince of Wales, Catherine of Aragon, youngest daughter of the Catholic Monarchs, had lived for two years in the palace of Boabdil at the Alhambra in the recently conquered Granada.

But Arthur was not to make her Queen of England…Five hundred years after her death, the English people still deposit flowers and pomegranates on her tomb at Peterborough Cathedral.

Art & Tapas – Spanish Art Seminar

The Guernica, the picture Pablo Picasso painted for the Governor of the Second Spanish Republic, is today a universal anti-war emblem. A chilling masterpiece that resonates even today.

Since 1992 it’s been permanently exhibited at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid.

Joanna, the Rebellious Infanta

Henry VII was fascinated by women of character. Being Margaret Beaufort’s son it could not have been otherwise.

Thus, when Queen Joanna of Castile became a widow, he wanted to propose to her, but had to wait until her mourning expired, when the King of Castile was finally buried.

But Joanna made her funeral procession last for over two years…

Poker of Princesses

Before sending the Invincible Armada Philip II tried another solution.

The best way to join forces was a marriage alliance. He would marry Mary Tudor “Bloody Mary”, who would become Queen of England, Ireland… and Spain, although she never set foot in Spanish territory.


Goya, Delacroix or Manet  could not avoid deeply admiring the work of Velázquez. Not even Pablo Picasso’s revolutionary outlook could resist its legacy.

Even today it is impossible for spectators to remain indifferent in front of Las Meninas, a painting that turns each of them into a protagonist.

These are unique Spanish art seminars. Personalised talks that focus on some of the less well-known, but absorbing, history of Spain.  Get a flavour of the real Spain, and enjoy the places, the food and wines.

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