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How to buy FC Porto tickets – choose your seats

Watch Porto aiming for the Portuguese Championship. Buy Porto tickets by choosing the match from the fixtures table below. You will also see a diagram of the Dragao stadium with an explanation of the seating categories available.

Click on “Request Tickets” to add the number of tickets you need and your contact details.  We’ll get straight back with prices and details for all categories available. Remember to add your phone number for the quickest reply possible!  We almost always have tickets available  – even if the match is “sold out”!

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Porto Tickets

Dragao stadium ticket categories

We use the following category definitions for seating and tickets:

Category One Premium Tickets (Cat 1 Premium)

Your seats will be in the most central sections in the lower half of the stadium, side view (see stadium plan). These are the most central Cat 1 seats and the best tickets available.

Category One Tickets (Cat 1)

Your seats will be in the best areas in the lower half of the stadium, side view. One of the following will be marked on your ticket: Lateral 1ª, Lateral 2ª or Tribuna.

Category Two Tickets (Cat 2)

Upper Side view, or lower Goal End view. Your seats will either be side view (but higher up than Cat 1) or the best seats of Goal End View. The following will be marked on your ticket: – Side View: Lateral 3, or – End View: Gol Nord 1, Gol Nord 2 or Gol Sur 1 or Gol Sur 2.

Category Three Tickets (Cat 3)

Upper End View (higher up than the Cat 2 seats).  The following will be marked on your tickets: Gol Nord 3 or Gol Sur 3.

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