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Great bars!
Free shots!
Free club entry!

Lisbon Bar Crawl – boozy bars mission sorted!

Lisbon is a fantastic city. Full of great places to see, eat and drink. The only problem is working out where to go. This is where this brilliant Lisbon bar crawl comes in very handy. Your lovely, friendly, local guide will take care of everything.

He or she will take you to some of the best, coolest bars in the hippest area in Lisbon. No need for the best man or maid of honour to spend hours researching or planning the route, only to find they missed the best ones and on the night got everyone lost.

Great guides at the ready…boozy bars mission sorted!

Our Lisbon Bar Crawl guides on the ground are up to date with where’s happening and can help taylor your Lisbon bar crawl to your specific preferences. Bars with dance floors? Done. Cocktails on route? Sorted. They know the best places to go like the back of their hands. Our guides will do what they do best, guide. So all you need to do is have fun and get your drinking on!

Lisbon Bar CrawlLisbon Bar CrawlLisbon Bar Crawl

On this entertaining Lisbon bar crawl not only has the perfect route been laid out for you and your group but it also includes free tasty shots along the way! You’ll get to go to at least 4 great bars with free shots in each and experience the buzzing nightlife and vibrant atmosphere Lisbon has to offer.

After  you have all been suitable lead to these great boozing venues it will be time to get your boogie on. Your Lisbon bar crawl guide will take you to one of Lisbon’s best clubs and get you all in for free! So as you can see the whole night will be well and truly sorted in lively Lisbon style.

Let the Lisbon bar crawl hopping and drinking commence!

”The lads had a great time. Our guide was well nice and really helpful and she made sure everyone had fun. This was everyone’s first visit to Lisbon and it really took the hassle out of not knowing the place. The club was a great finish to an all round great night. Cheers.” Sam Adams, London Stag Do 2015.

What’s included in the Lisbon bar crawl:

  • Our friendly local expert guide to help keep the group together and take you to some of the best bars in Lisbon.
  • Free shots in at least 4 bars!
  • Free club entry – our guide will take you there and get you in for free!

Lisbon Bar Crawl – Typical schedule:

  • 21:00: Our guide will collect you from your accommodation or a central meeting point and take you on your Lisbon Bar Crawl
  • 21:30: The bar crawl begins
  • 12:30: Our guide will take you all to a great club and get you all in free.
  • When the night ends is then up to you!

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